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Youngevity Products Change Lives…

“What a difference it has made in my life…”

When I first started taking Youngevity products the rheumatologist had predicted that I would be n a wheelchair within 5 years due to arthritis and fibromyalgia.  I also had frequent debilitating headaches.  I used to dislocate my shoulder frequently, sometimes just by rolling over in bed.  I had broken my foot and had nerve damage to my feet. Since I’ve started taking the products, my fibromyalgia and arthritis are gone.  I no longer…[read-more]

“It has changed my life forever…”

Youngevity has allowed me to meet people I otherwise would not have. I have been able to think out of the box and grow in ways I would not have otherwise. Just 4 months of graduating from high school I joined Youngevity. After working the business hard, part time, 2 ½ months later I became known as the Youngest Diamond Executive at age 18. It has changed my life forever. With Youngevity I have created a financial…[read-more]

“I have lost over 85 pounds and gone from a size 16 to 12…”

“Four years ago I knew I was not going to have very much ‘quality of life’ left, I was going to die and soon. The hard part was, I still had so much to live for. I had been given so many labels (diagnosis) from the doctors that even they didn’t know what I had, I just was shutting down and even the iron IV’s they did every week were not working, my iron count was 2, minimum is supposed to be around 100. I spent most of my time laying on the..[read-more]



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